Get Ready for Pantone Living Coral in 2019

Once again, all design industry professionals wait for the announcement of Pantone’s pick for color of the year.  This week Pantone revealed their color choice for 2019.  The award goes to Living Coral.  One may think that coral is just for showcasing in the summer months, but oh think again!

Living Coral is described as emitting animation and life with a hue of golden undertones.  This color is also defined as welcoming carefree, cheery and relaxed activity.  Pantone also describes Living Coral as sociable and spirited. Thoughts and feelings, we all need to get us through these cold New England winter months for sure. 

Joy and optimism can be added to everyday life using the color coral.  After Pantone’s announcement came, I took to the showrooms of the Boston Design Center to see how they started to use Living Coral in their displays.  Here are some ideas to promote the use of 2019’s Color of the Year in your home creating contrast by adding a pop of color with coral.

JD Staron, designer and makers of fine rugs displayed many choices using coral.  Beautifully handmade wool and silk content rugs stood out among other display samples with the bright coral color. 

If you’ve never visited the showroom of Liz Roche, it’s worth the trip into Boston.  Her displays of colorful creations are bright and beautiful with the enhancement of light that pours into her space, Liz displayed some of her larger creations of different shapes using the color coral, black, gray and white for a more modern style.  Visiting Blanche Field, Boston’s premiere lamp shade provider for fine custom lampshades and hand-made ceiling pendant fixtures since 1905, was truly a treat. 

What caught my eye was their focal wall, painted in a coral color from Farrow and Ball.   Once inside the showroom, a little gem display of light fixture finials in all colors and shapes was fascinating.  Looking for that pop, coral was again used in this decorative accent. 

If making a statement in paint color of coral is not your style, adding coral in smaller doses may just do the trick.   Such as a lamp shade on a table lamp.  On display was an intriguing pleated lamp shade with the color coral tucked into the pleats of the shade and finished off with top and bottom trimming in a mingled colorway incorporating coral.  One could not pass by Robert Allen’s window display.  Living Coral was a showstopper at this showroom.  Enhancing the imagination perfectly and how to incorporate coral into a living space was showcased well in their window display.  A coral upholstered accent chair, throw pillows enhancing an off-white sofa and a beautiful display of fabric was just striking.  This vignette was the perfect visual and would appeal to all wanting to use coral in their décor but afraid to make the plunge.

Heading back to my studio at the end of the day, I also noticed how the color coral was being used in magazine advertisements, a painting in the studio by artist Dorothy Primm and fabric sample books.  One element noticed in these pieces was the use of blue mixed with coral and how the two colors combined worked so well together to create warmth.

Looking forward to seeing all the ways Living Coral will be used in design, fashion and accessories for 2019.