2019 Interior Design Trends to Watch

It’s always interesting to see what design treads may come into the new year.  What is in and what is out in the design world.  Although, the beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, here are some design trends to watch for in 2019.

Think the day of the floral is over, well think again.  Floral wallpapers and fabrics will be making a comeback this year.  As recently witnessed in the newly opened Flour Bakery & Cafe this week at the Innovation and Design Building in Boston’s Seaport.  One cannot help but notice the large bold floral pattern of wallpaper on the top of the walls incorporated with bold navy blue tile on the bottom.  Very striking and worthy of a large space for sure.  More bold and dramatic color walls will also be seen this year on interior walls.  The day of the painted accent color wall is over for now. The accented painted wall will be replaced with an interesting wallpaper.  This is not to say a shade of color won’t be seen on an architectural shaped wall with dramatic lines.  Grasscloth papers and natural textures will be installed more and can also be used on a stairway accent wall not and not only in whole room applications.

With the innovation of Crypton fabrics, more room designs with white furniture will be created.  Crypton performance fabrics offer durability and sustainability allowing for shades of white to come into the homes of family with busy lives. Bold and bright accents will be used to enhance the white room.  Century Furniture’s showroom in Boston has done a magnificent job showcasing room displays with white sofas and a bedroom featuring pops of bright accents with fuchsia lamps, pillows and footstools.  Also seen in Century Furniture is the use of trimming tape on a sofa’s skirt.  These little accents go a long way in adding interest and charm to a room.

Remembering when jewel tone colors were a trend, also making a come back with rich color of navy, green, gold and red.  Watch for more of variations of these rich colors in home décor fabrics and accessories.  Tile backsplashes will be a way of making a statement in a kitchen with the center stage of dramatic and handmade tiles.  This is a creative way to add a little bling I the kitchen by use of glass, metallics, metals and stones.  As the mixing of metals is more prominent than ever, a combination of mental a on furniture, lighting and various fixtures of hardware will make for an interesting interior look.

People will be enticed to spend more money on furniture for comfort this year instead of going for “the look”.  Handmade items from furniture to accessories will see a bigger than ever increase in the home décor industry.  Choosing to make the interiors of a home their own with personality through color and accessories will be something to watch for. 

With design trends predicted and bringing back some trends from the past, the ever changing world of interior design will be something to watch in 2019.

8 Design Trends to watch in 2019

·        Florals on fabrics and wallcovering

·        Jewel tone colors

·        Tile backsplashes that make a statement

·        Everything handmade

·        Tassels and trims on furniture, pillows and drapery

·        White rooms with bold color accents

·        Mixing of metal finishes holds strong

·        Bold color walls