Home Styling With The Little Things

The sun has finally shed a bit of light on our most recent rain pattern.  With the warm sunshine brings some heartfelt appreciation for the little things that make a house a home.  To some it might be clutter, but to others these little things could be most cherished memorabilia.

Just by looking outside the window can bring some life and freshness to your home.  Gardens of plantings whether it be a small rose bush, hydrangea plants or by creating your own with potted flowers can provide interest.  For me it’s beach rose plantings that offer a sweet aroma every morning in the soft breeze. You don’t have to have a large and finely manicured yard to enjoy flowers and plantings that can be cut and brought inside your home to enjoy.  Potted house plants that will last year-round will also bring warmth and enjoyment to your living space.  I continually clip my begonia plant to create additional potted plants throughout the home.

Add some charm and interest to a bathroom.  Finding some unique items and thinking outside of the box.  I found antique iron birdbath in aged green that will be used for hand soaps or a potted plant.  Adding little details that will also create some interest, can be found in unique towel hooks.  I was lucky enough to hold on to a twisted iron and glass wall hook for use in the bathroom.  Creating an interesting display of wall mirrors will also add charm.  A little pre-planning when sprucing up a bathroom will result in satisfaction in the end.  Adding unique accent tiles with certain features will make the design stand out.  Iridescent hexagon tiles and glass mosaics that are installed on the shower floor or at eye level in a shower is an attention grabber.

Meadow fabric by  Jffabrics  for  Duralee Fabrics

Meadow fabric by Jffabrics for Duralee Fabrics

Little things of pleasure come in all shapes and sizes.  it could be as simple as the details on a fabric for pillows or window treatments.  A garden design fabric with a hummingbird and butterfly are particulars not everyone will embrace, yet still creates interest for someone who enjoys gardening and nature.  A sheer fabric with dotted frayed detail is a simple way to add some interest with the little embellishment of fraying threads.   Displaying your books of interest also adds a visual concept of who you are, your interest and tells a story of who you are.  These journals of information can be displayed casually on a staircase bringing color up onto the staircase through the book covers.

In the world of design, fine lines and contemporary living spaces are being noticed more.  Adding small details to a mantel to embellish and give style to the piece creates softness.  Pieces of detail can be purchased and added to furniture to create interest.

Miss Elouise

Miss Elouise

My most special little accessory to my home that brings me joy is Miss Elouise my fur grandbaby traveling to the local farmers market embellished with her stylish peasant kerchief always makes me smile.  What little things around your home make you happy?