Art Inspired Window Treatment


In the world of window treatments, the latest style holding strong is stationary side panels.  Letting light into a space without covering the window is often the request.  In a space that holds its own purpose, why not go novel in window treatment style.

A painting purchased at the time from Rockport artist Jean Byrd now located in Camden, Maine has inspired creativity for window treatment design in a laundry room.  Her painting of bright colorful laundry hanging from a clothesline in a backyard surrounded by beach roses was perfect for this client’s laundry room.  The painting Jean named Wash Day was inspired by her visit to Monhegan Island, Maine one of Jean’s favorite painting locations. With walls painted in Benjamin Moore’s Chestertown buff and white subway tile installed three feet up on the wall, it was time for the existing window treatment in the laundry room to go. 

Searching for a whimsical fabric was easy with all the many bright colors the painting had to offer for inspiration. This was the first step in creating something unique and different for this one window in the laundry room.  Two contrasting fabrics were found both from Stark Fabric showroom in Boston.  The brightly colored design pattern of lime green, orange, pinks, purple and blues was called Tropical Reef and named Colorfulness.  How fitting for this pattern.  The second fabric was called Martinique also in color Colorfulness.  This pattern was calmer in the background of off-white with colorful diamonds again in pink, blue, lime green and yellow.  A perfect balance and companion fabric pattern. 

Creating a design for the window was easy.  We wanted to incorporate and transfer the clothes line subject from the painting onto the window.  By sketching out the window design and keeping the white window shutters on the bottom half of the window, a top treatment was all that would be needed with a vision of using an actual rope clothesline and wood clothes pins.  A design was created.  The multi-colored fabrics would resemble kerchiefs hanging on a clothes line.  A novel and whimsical design that would complement Jean Byrd’s Wash Day painting that so beautifully hung on the wall beside the window.

Jean Byrd has the gift of seeing and realizing beauty along the eastern seacoast.  Her many coastal travels and island visits have inspired most of her oil paintings.  I always say, find an inspiration piece to design a room around.  Art is always one of those pieces that inspire creativity in design.  For this lonely one window in the laundry room, new life will be created in this space not only through Jean’s Wash Day painting but also through the whimsical and novel design of the window treatment.