Colors to Keep an Eye on in 2015

Each year, Sherwin Williams hosts a Colormix forecast presentation to help lay out the future of color for interior design. Sherwin Williams employs color forecast experts to take in the trending looks in fashion, art, pop culture, and even science to help figure out what the future holds. The end result is a list of 40 colors that are fast approaching on the horizon. These colors are then grouped into four color palettes. For 2015, those are Voyage, Chrysalis, Buoyant, and Unrestrained.


The voyage color palette, as the name implies, focuses on underwater and space exploration. This futuristic palette takes colors from the water, like undersea teal, bright green kelp, and light watery blue. From space, the palette pulls from the deep purple of our universe’s vast expanse.


The Chrysalis palette can range from off-black neutral colors to dusty blues or grays. The primary influence is land and sky, with the concept of creating a sense of calm—a natural oasis. Beyond colors, the Chrysalis palette would include earthy textural elements, such as concrete wallpaper.


The Buoyant color palette is about more than floatation—it’s about optimism. With an eye toward a bright future, the Buoyant palette traces its historical lineage to the return of American soldiers form World War II battlefields. Light and dark greens suggest healing and reinforce the need for green space in our increasingly urban world. The outdoor theme remains prominent throughout, with floral prints and tropical patterns also playing a role.


There’s no mystery to the Unrestrained color palette. This bold concept thrives on heavily saturated hues of primary colors. These colors are defined as sunny yellow, bright blue, and lively turquoise, to give a few examples. Black and white also have their place. The palette also draws on what it calls ethnic-like colors. This is due in part to the influences of South African street art and other street graffiti or murals that influence the patterns seen in the Unrestrained palette. This also encompasses the popular gypsy hipster style.

As Unrestrained reminds us, however, design is wide open for individual interpretation. Use these concepts as the platform to inspire your own design, full of individual passion.