How to Choose Paint Color for Your Walls? Inspiration and Accessories.

Inspiration is key when trying to choose a paint color for your home. Decorating with and accessory can inspire your creativity in choosing a paint color.

Are you tired of the same old space and don’t have the funds to renovate or remodel the inside of your home?  There is an easy solution to your design dilemma…paint! 

The easiest and most inexpensive way to change a room’s look is by changing the wall color.  The room will take on a whole new style and mood by adding color to the walls.  This interior design element of a color change will surely prove to have rave results.  By changing color on your walls, you will find that you've created a warm and inviting atmosphere through the magic of paint. 

In order to achieve a successful paint color transformation, inspiration is needed and can be found through accessories. A vase, painting, pillow or an item you love.  If you are stumped to be inspired, go onto Pinterest or Houzz.  So many paint color inspiration boards are right at your fingertips and for your viewing and inspiration pleasure.  Take advantage of these two resources.

How do you choose a paint color that’s right for your space?   Take a look around your room to find some inspiration.  Contrasting color can be found in fabrics, furniture, pictures or a rug. This contrasting color will transform your plain walls into a dramatic new interior space to love.  Beginning with an area rug compiled of various colors is an easy choice for finding inspiration.  Once you have a rug to work with the remaining decorating process becomes easier.  One downfall when choosing paint color is making a trip to the home improvement store where there is fluorescent lighting.  Avoid making a final decision at the store.  This is not the type of lighting to be choosing color.  If you find a color that you love, purchase a sample size to test on the walls in your own home and in the light the paint will be living.

Sample the paint color on different areas of wall space in the room.  Paint a 3’ x 3’ space on each wall.  Don’t worry about putting blotches of sampled paint color on the wall.  The wall primer will cover your sample areas.  View the color at different times of the day, morning, noon, evening, sunny and cloudy days. The paint color will take on a different look with the changes of light.  If you like what you see, go for it!

Another key piece of information is a misconception that smaller spaces need to stay light in order to make the space appear bigger. For example, a powder room bathroom is usually a small space for guests and visitors to use.  If no window is in this space and the square footage is small, WOW the space with a deep dark saturated color.  Most often there is no shower in this space and getting ready for a workday begins usually in the master bathroom. Add some drama to enhance the look. The space isn't going to become any larger by using a light color.

Remember, don’t be afraid to commit to your color selection, it’s only paint.