Banish Winter from Your Home with These Design Tips

Winter Provides an Opportunity to Make Budget-Friendly Changes to the Interior Design of Your Home.

A hard winter offers the chance to spend time around a fireplace or in the kitchen. These are both positives. But, over time, that can also wear you down—the winter blues, as we know them. One of the quickest ways to escape winter is to, well, escape. But a Caribbean vacation is out of the question for most of us, and we’d all love to find effective, budget-friendly solutions to help us coast into the warmer spring months.

If you’re looking to take on this challenge with your interior design skills, start by working with the room that serves as the hideaway for your winter months. While several periodicals offer design options, it’s tough to turn down the vast bounty of the Internet, which for the interior-design inclined, is best served by platforms like Pinterest and Houzz.

If you’re even moderately skilled with a sewing machine, repurposing unused fabrics with a straight stitch can turn a neglected dress or curtain into a new pillow for your living room. Even if your house has no spare linens, you can find some for just a few bucks at most local fabric or craft stores.

Even without sewing skills, you can add that much-needed color enhancement with a fresh coat of paint. Before you become overwhelmed with the thought of repainting a room, however, remember that an accent color on a single wall is often enough to provide a welcome and needed change. For a living room, this wall would be the one on which you feature your sofa or fireplace.

A bare wall, no matter the color, needs elements of interest. Start by collecting any old picture frames around your house. (A quick coat of paint can transform them, too.) Unless, you’re a professional photographer, you may not have the necessary images to fill them, but that’s not a problem. Thumb through your favorite magazines and take advantage of the high-quality, professional photos that abound. These are the perfect accompaniments to your freshly painted accent wall.

And when it comes to repurposing or repainting, this can be true of your furniture, too. Everyone loves getting a new piece of furniture, but few of us have the budget to spring for a new end table each time the mood strikes us. That’s where paint comes into play, once again. A new coat of paint on a forgotten or neglected piece of furniture can make it a sudden focal point for a room full of brilliant color.

So, as it turns out, winter may be here to stay (at least for the near term), but the design of your room is ready for revamp. Use these tips to transform it with a combination of handiwork, paint, and those forgotten items in your closet or basement.

Debbe Daley is the designer of choice for residential and commercial interior design in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and coastal Maine.  Learn more about Debbe in the following, The Huffington PostThe Lowell Sun and WCAP - 980 AM Lowell, MA.