Why Not White? Benjamin Moore Simply White That Is!

The time of year has arrived when top color professionals begin to unveil their choice in color selection for the upcoming year.  Benjamin Moore recently released their color choice for 2016 as OC-117 Simply White.

With months of research at major trend shows Benjamin Moore’s color professionals discovered that Simply White is the most neutral and constant in various light sources.  With over 250 shades of whites in in their catalog they found that Simply White is the most constant in various light sources. As color can change throughout the day with the movement of natural light, it is often difficult to find a color that remains constant in a space.  Simply White is a constant color choice.

Choosing whites for interior colors can become confusing.  During a color consult on of the top questions asked is, “what color am I going to paint the trim?”  White defines a space and emits an elegant and sophisticated feel when infused and layered with various shades of white.  White has always been one of my favorites.  Calming and serene, white can be soft and pure.

A common feeling noticed when speaking with clients about white, is fear.  The feeling of pairing various shades of whites with tinted whites or creamy whites makes some uncomfortable.  Here is one creative way to incorporate white into a design plan. 

White can accentuate a space, trimmed out like an artist’s painting.  White can provide contrast if used correctly with other whites.  When used on a ceiling white can contrast with textured wood beams.  White can allow for a soft back drop on a wall while enhancing a space through specific furnishings and fabrics creating a stage or a set for appreciation of these pieces.

I myself have embraced whites in my furnishings, window treatments and even my wardrobe.  Whites with shades of creams and beiges or whites and paired with shades of gray.  Whatever your favorites color may be, there is a shade of white that will work for your style laced with a hint of your favorite color.  One of my favorite rooms I’ve designed in the past was my loft bedroom.  Where various shades of whites incorporated on the walls, ceiling and trim furnishings and fabrics allowed for a soft and peaceful sanctuary to rest at the end of the day.

Color trends come and go, from the deeper darker more saturated colors used more frequently in the past to softer lighter shades of the future. White is beautiful, why not white?